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Worst .99 cent rip off ever

Puzzle does not shuffle. iPhone 4s. Support page is Spanish, and no link to support. Save your money and purchase something that works.

So mad!! Stupid!!!

This app doesnt even let you try it!! It kicks you out!!!!!!!! Terrible!! Terrible!!! How am I suppose to know if I want to by the full version if I cant even test it!!!!!!


Cant even opened! Try Sliding puzzle lite instead..

Lightning Crashes and so does this!

What a waste of potential!


Did they even test this game? They should at least check the reviews! And yes it does kick u out, of coarse I added that


This game closes every time you go into it. My advice is to not buy this app unless the bug is fixed!!! And dont waste your time! :(

Stupid app

You have to literally throw your iPod accross the room to get the thing to work do not waste your time getting this app


Dont try this app because is a Waste of time full. Really not function.


Cant get this one to work. When I shake to shuffle nothing happens


This app doesnt even let u try it. Very sad! :(


When I shuffle it exits out of the app :(


It wont even let me play. This is a stupid game.


Most funny game ever!

Ive gotta say 9/10

Because it so slow to rotate it

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